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Behavior of Bats at Wind Turbines

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The following research was carried out by many individuals. The  paper from which the summary below was taken was edited by James Brown of the University of New Mexico.  I think it is germaine because of the push lately for using non greenhouse gas emitting sources for our energy requirements. Wind turbines cause many bat fatalities. Some of these fatalities involve tree-roosting bats, but reasons for this higher susceptibility remain unknown. To better understand behaviors associated with this risk, bats were monitored at three experimentally manipulated wind turbines in Indiana, United States, from July 29 to October 1, 2012.  Thermal cameras and other methods were used for this monitoring. Bats were observed on 993 occasions.  Various behaviours including...

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Earthwatch Institute

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LIKE TO TRAVEL AND DO SOMETHING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT? Are you interested in seeing parts of the world while as the same time doing something for the environment? I recently attended a noon-hour presentation as part of the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists “Brown Bag Luncheon” series.  Margaret Marra, an environmental planner with Shell, recently travelled to southern Brazil to take part in a research program combining ecosystem services protection and conservation in the southern Atlantic rainforest of Brazil. She was at the research station for 10 days assisting with some of the research activities there including mist netting for various species of birds.  She then continued exploring Brazil on her own as part of her vacation. Shell participates in the...

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