Our Team
Our Team

Barry Lunseth has worked in the environmental industry for 40 years.  Geographically, his work has been in Western Canada, Ontario, Massachusetts, Utah, and Nevada in North America and Argentina and Chile in South America

He has undertaken biophysical assessments, environmental impact assessments, environmental site assessments, environmental audits and management systems, and retirement obligation calculations for oil and gas, petrochemical, electrical generation and transmission, manufacturing, real estate, and government.

Mr. Lunseth possesses a diploma and an undergraduate degree from Lethbridge College and Utah State University, and done graduate research at the University of Calgary.


Environmental Impact and Biophysical Assessment

Stone Edge has collected and analyzed a wide range of biophysical data in both aquatic and terrestrial environments to support conclusions about the impacts of development.  Consulting with stakeholders and Indigenous peoples to understand their concerns about the impact from projects and submitting applications for regulatory approval.  Stone Edge has experience in British Columbia, Alberta, Argentina, and Chile.

Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

Plase I ESAs are the primary assessment tool for sites that are undergoing purchase or sale.  A Phase I ESA combines an initial desktop review of historical documents and an site observation to determine the potential for soil or groundwater contamination of that site.  Depending upon the results of the Phase I ESA, a Phase II ESA may be done.  This phase involves the actual soil and groundwater sampling.

Asset Retirement Obligations

We provide abandonment cost estimates to companies to ensure sufficient funds are allocated to ensure decommissioned pipelines are properly reclaimed.

Stone Edge provides professional support our clients in varying capacities from regulatory application support, technical advice, reclamation program development, implementation, management systems, and Sr. Technical Report review.

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