Stone Edge Consulting offers a wide range of environmental services.  Below is a list and summary of what we do and our experience in these areas.
Environmental Impact and Biophysical Assessment
Phase I ESA
Phase II ESA

Stone Edge has collected and analyzed a wide range of biophysical data in both aquatic and terrestrial environments to support conclusions about the impacts of development. Consulting with stakeholders and Aboriginal peoples to understand their concerns over the impact from projects and submitting the applications for regulatory approval.  Stone Edge has experience in British Columbia, Alberta, Argentina, and Chile.



Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are the primary assessment tool for wellsites and associated facilities in the upstream oil and gas industry.  A Phase I ESA combines an initial desktop review of historical documents and initial site observations and in order to determine the potential for contamination of a given site.


Phase II ESAs can follow a Phase I if there are areas of potential environmental concern noted in the Phase I ESA.  Stone Edge has the experience to conduct these Phase IIs and has done so in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Phase III ESA (Remediation)

IStone Edge has qualified and experienced personnel to complete virtually any upstream oil and gas remediation project.  We have completed remediation projects all over Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC.  Stone Edge has experience in preparing Remedial Action Plans (RAPs), and in remediating upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas facilities and other commercial sites.  Soil impacted with hydrocarbons, PCBs, metals, and soil sterilants has been remediated. 


Vegetation Audits and Reclamation

Stone Edge has assessed revegetation success and status in a number of natural areas.

Professional Support and Miscellaneous Services

As more and more clients reduce their ‘in house’ environmental staff; they are relying more and more on consulting support.  Stone Edge provides professional support services to our clients in varying capacities from regulatory application support, technical advice, reclamation program development, implementation, asset retirement obligations, Sr. Technical Report Review.