Barry Lunseth has worked in the environmental industry for 40 years.  Geographically, his work has been in Western Canada, Ontario, Massachusetts, Utah, and Nevada in North America and Argentina and Chile in South America

He has undertaken biophysical assessments, environmental impact assessments, environmental site assessments, environmental audits and management systems, and retirement obligation calculations for oil and gas, petrochemical, electrical generation and transmission, manufacturing, real estate, and government.

Mr. Lunseth possesses a diploma and an undergraduate degree from Lethbridge College and Utah State University, and done graduate research at the University of Calgary.  He is a member of the Alberta Wildlife Society.  He is constantly upgrading his skill set mainly through online workshops.  


His Areas of Expertise is in the following areas: Manager/Team Leader, Project Management, Site Assessment and Remediation, Impact Assessment, Regulatory Liaison, Stakeholder Engagement, Environmental Training; Environmental Management Systems and Audits, Environmental Research, International Work, and First Nations Interactions in Western Canada.


Mr. Lunseth has worked on a number of different project types including: Upstream and Midstream Oil and Gas; Transportation (Marine and Terrestrial); Resource Extraction; Recreational Property; Miscellaneous Phase 1, 2, and 3 Environmental Site Assessments and Remediation Projects; Pre-Site Environmental Assessments; Facility Audits, Protocol Development, and Environmental Management System Development, Abandonment Cost Estimates; and Wildlife Research.